San Antonio Botanical Garden

Friday, April 12, 6 PM – 10 PM


Our senses come alive when we eat. Flavors blend to create a world that is unseen by the human eye. These melodies of flavors pair together like the harmonious layers of music. Types of food can relate to the styles of curtain styles of music, creating an experience much larger than the sum of their parts.

Join us at the San Antonio Botanical Garden on Friday, April 12, 2019 6:00pm – 10pm in the New Culinary Kitchen to discover the pathways between music and food where four (4) chefs will create culinary masterpieces around the stylings of local musicians. Discover the science in the link between sight, sound and flavor.

Selected Chef pairings are as follows:

Chef Dave Terrazas paired with Vivi and Ingrid

Chef Teddy Liang paired with Chris Taylor

Chef Chris Cook paired with Celestial Descent

Chef Tatu Herrera paired with Brian Duarte



Do you have what it takes to survive on another world?

Leave Earth behind and travel into the unknown for an extraordinary, extraterrestrial experience.

Strap on your space boots for Planet Pioneers! Travel to another world where you will explore, adapt and survive on a brand-new planet. Planet Pioneers puts budding astronauts and space explorers to the test as they attempt to source their own food, air and shelter while solving problems in an unknown world. Drive a 4-D Surface Exploration Vehicle, land a rocket, experience G-Forces in a spinning capsule and master 14 other interactive activities designed to test your skills.

Excited about the latest Mars landing? Find out about the planets in our solar system and what it takes to visit them. Learn how to successfully pack the right equipment for the voyage to a distant planet, recruit the perfect crew and set up a base of operations. Challenge yourself and discover where to find sources of water and oxygen, grow food in an alien atmosphere and build a shelter to survive the elements.

Planet Pioneers

February 2 through April 7, 2019


Visit Planet Pioneers for an out-of-this-world adventure!

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Little Maker Workshops

Weekly on Wednesday & Saturday

11:00 AM to 11:30 AM

The DoSeum map


Located in Innovation Station, Little Maker Workshops are drop-in programs that are designed specifically for guests 1-5 years of age.

The workshop programs are aligned to Maker-Centered Learning pedagogy and best practices.




Whitte Museum

My Heart is Not Blind Exhibit

Join photographer Michael Nye for an intimate look through the camera lens at how his newest exhibition, My Heart Is Not Blind, came to fruition after twenty-five years.

Book signing and exhibit exploration to follow.
Books available for purchase at the event.

Exhibit Offered to March 31, 2019





 Kiddie Park


Kiddie Park, one of San Antonio’s most treasured landmarks, is the perfect way for children and adults to enjoy a nostalgic day of old-fashioned fun. Established in 1925, and renovated in 2009, Kiddie Park is the oldest children’s amusement park in the country! While modern updates have been made, the park has preserved it’s 1920’s style by maintaining all of the original rides. Guests can enjoy the park’s old-fashioned ferris wheel, famous hand-carved Herschell Spillman carousel, and other classic children’s rides that have made Kiddie Park an iconic San Antonio attraction for over 90 years!

We are pleased to bring San Antonio’s iconic park back to life. You can always expect a clean, beautiful park that is fun and affordable for the entire family! We look forward to seeing you soon!